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The 11th Shanghai Model Exhibition 2014

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  The Shanghai Model Exhibition is an important platform for model manufacturers, dealers, model clubs, and model enthusiasts to discuss cooperation, exchange information, and learn knowledge. As one of the exhibition giants in the model industry in East China, this exhibition attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibition. The atmosphere of the exhibition was lively and full of people.
This year's Shanghai Model Exhibition site specially set up a remote control model new product launch conference, remote control model experience zone, static model exchange zone, model ace carnival and other theme activity zones. Cooperating with industry associations, model companies, and well-known media to create more than 40 theme events, so that the model friends who come to the exhibition will be fascinated.
In this model exhibition, the most eye-catching and popular booth was the booth of the Boben Flight Models Club on the left side of the entrance. As a bridge between model manufacturers and model enthusiasts, the exhibition club brought fans to the "Devil's Salon" party, and provided a platform for manufacturers and enthusiasts to communicate and display at zero distance. The air magic world is still the first case. In addition, the club has prepared a variety of fun activities, creating a completely different form of exhibition for the model exhibition.

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