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Coffee machine BLDC motor figure out issue of traditional mo

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consumer’s require are rise to products with the time going, the coffee machine pump motor changing from sensor motor to brushless motor .

There is one coffee machine pump brushless motor be showed below.the parameter of coffee machine brushless motor is showing “out diameter :60mm 220v,input power :50w,out put power:400w,torque:4.4kg,off load speed:6000rpm,loading speed:400rpm.the performance accept custom.

The coffee machine brushless motor breaking up issues of tradition motor as well ,DC brushless DC motors can be applied to the control panel for quick speed regulation and control conversion, and the DC brushless DC motors have high efficiency and long life, which are closely integrated with the current core values ​​of low-carbon and environmental protection.
The motor must have a large starting torque, which usually exceeds the rated torque of the motor design. The general method to increase the motor torque is to increase the motor phase voltage. Limited by the basic parameters of the control panel power supply switch electronics, the DC brushless DC motor cannot be started with a large total current flow. The difficulty of the heavy load is the application of the DC brushless motor. Because of an important difficulty encountered by the stirring device, solving this problem is the key to the flexible application of the DC brushless motor to the stirring device.

As the future development direction of the automatic coffee machine brushless motor, it has been widely used in various fields at this stage. As consumers' requirements for products increase, many high-level attention points will be put into the selection and use of materials. In terms of life, brushless DC motors have some of the advantages of traditional motors and are more superior than traditional motors

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