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Coreless dc motor

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Coreless dc motor feature micro-body and high efficiency,the coreless dc motor has been down large weight due to not install iron the aircraft used often coreless dc

motors .

The brushless coreless DC motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. The brushless coreless DC motor uses a set of

electronic equipment to sense the position of the permanent magnet poles through the Hall element. According to this perception, the electronic circuit is used to switch the

direction of the current in the coil in time to ensure that the correct direction of magnetic force is generated To drive the motor. Eliminate the shortcomings of coreless DC brushed

micro motors.

These circuits are motor controllers. The controller of the brushless coreless DC motor can also realize some functions that cannot be realized by the coreless DC brushed

micromotor, such as adjusting the power switching angle, braking the motor, making the motor reverse, locking the motor, and using the brake signal to stop Power the motor.

Now the electronic alarm lock of battery car makes full use of these functions

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