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How to use and maintenance BLDC motor

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The brushless motor consists of motor body and driver ,It is a typical mechatronics product and has been widely used in many fields. Users need to pay attention to some problems when using brushless motors, so what should be paid attention to when using brushless motors?

1) Before disassembly, use compressed air to blow off the dust on the surface of the motor and wipe off the dirt on the surface.

2) Choose the working place where the brushless motor is dismantled and clean up the site environment.

3) Familiar with the structural characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of brushless motors

4) Prepare the tools (including special tools) and equipment needed for disassembly

5) In order to further understand the defects in the operation of the brushless motor, if possible, an inspection test can be done before disassembly. For this reason, put the motor on the load for trial rotation, and check the temperature, sound, vibration and other conditions of each part of the brushless motor in detail
In short, as long as it is used correctly, maintained properly, and dealt with in time when the fault is found, the working life of the brushless motor is very long. X-team motor specializes in the development and production of brushless motors, brushless DC motors, brushless drives and other motion control products, and provides professional technical support and customized program development.

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