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Calculation method of reduction ratio of brushless motor

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The reduction ratio, that is, the transmission ratio of the reduction gear unit, is a kind of transmission ratio, which is the ratio of the instantaneous input speed to the output speed in the speed reduction mechanism. The maximum reduction ratio of the single-stage WP series reducer is 1/60, single-stage RV series. The maximum reduction ratio of the reducer is 1/100. How do these reduction ratios come from? How should we calculate them? The following are the calculation methods for the reduction ratio of the reducer:

1、Define the calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed / output speed.

2、General calculation method: reduction ratio = use torque / 9550 / motor power motor power input revolution / use factor, MB stepless speed changer use precautions.

3、Calculation method for belt, chain and friction wheel reduction ratio: reduction ratio = driven wheel diameter / drive wheel diameter, helical gear reducer, cycloidal pinwheel reducer how to add lubricant.

4、Gear system calculation method: reduction ratio = driven gear teeth / drive gear teeth (if it is multi-stage gear reduction, then the number of driven gears / the number of driven gears of all the gear sets that are meshed with each other, and then the result will be Multiply, NRV reducer.


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