• Anatomy of a magnet used in a brushless motor

    The magnetic king of the brushless motor in the model world is almost 100% - the neodymium iron boron magnet, the magnetic king is used to describe the neodymi

    Release time: 19-09-27
  • Silicon steel sheet for brushless motor

    In fact, when I was studying electromagnetics in junior high school, the question I often thought was, why do motors need silicon steel sheets? Doesnt it mean

    Release time: 19-09-27
  • Brushless motor construction

    The brushless motor is mainly composed of the main parts of the front cover, the rear cover, the outer casing, the magnet, the silicon steel sheet, the rotatin

    Release time: 19-09-27
  • Basic concept of brushless motor

    Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) is a new mechatronic motor that emerged with the development of semiconductor electronic technology. It is a combination of modern el

    Release time: 19-09-27
  • Answers to some common problems with ESCs and motors

    1. If I replace a larger capacity capacitor, will my car become more explosive? Answer: The capacitor of the brushless ESC is mainly used to protect the intern

    Release time: 19-09-27
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