• Brushless motor development level

    Brushless motors have been developed and produced since the 1970s, when research and development was carried out mainly with domestic military equipment and ae

    Release time: 19-09-26
  • Brushless motor drive circuit

    The drive circuit of the brushless motor is related to many kinds of circuits, and they are closely related to the drive circuit. If one circuit is missing, th

    Release time: 19-09-26
  • How to adjust the brushless motor

    Before explaining the speed regulation of brushless motor, lets talk about its structure. The structure is as follows: 1 control loop The double closed loop st

    Release time: 19-09-26
  • Brushless motor controller wiring diagram

    The wiring diagram of the brushless motor controller is as follows: There are three coil leads and five Hall leads in the motor. These eight leads must corresp

    Release time: 19-09-26
  • Brushless motor winding method

    The number of turns of the brushless motor coil can be determined by itself. The general number of turns of the coil is about 50 匝, which is sufficient. The

    Release time: 19-09-26
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